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Turret Tank Battle

Category Action
Description:In 2050, the earth experienced a tragic catastrophe, the destruction of civilization, the history vanished, the Third World War here will be the prosperity of trampled trampled face, languishing in the earth to bear all the disaster, and Mankind has entered into the darkness of the foreseeable future. The awakening of mankind can no longer endure the warlords of the harm, they join hands, for freedom and happiness, determined to overthrow the dictatorship of the warlords, so, in this massive wave of the revolution, a new country - Country, was born! Level system is one of the three major characteristics of the game system, in the checkpoint, you will experience the different functions of play, such as: tower defense, Shaguai count, kill BOSS, destroy buildings, demining, racing, etc . Of the monster, so you add more fun in the pass through.
Package:com.jfhsfgac.Tanktxhf0905 And Version : 1.0
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