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Sweep Zombie Street

Category Action
Description:The battle against zombies has begun, and every second, a bullet at the right time will be the difference between a living man and a living dead man. Upgrade your arsenal of weapons and increase their destructive power and reward each task. Use your sniper rifle to kill all of these zombie waves and become the ultimate combat killer. Aim faster, shoot better! Life and death tribes are coming. Zombie attacks are almost unstoppable. Are you ready to become the ultimate assassin of zombies and stop the undead waves? Will you live to save the world and prevent the coming apocalypse? Raise your fire and get rid of this zombie plague world. Select your dead target, hit and shoot! Equip yourself with weapons, conquer this land and become the last hero of the zombie war!
Package:org.hjkkjhh.ZombieSreet0911 And Version : 1.02.07
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