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Apple Shooter

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Details:Big event coming! 20,000+ users downloaded Apple Shooter latest version on 9Apps for free every week! With unexpected, recently it has become very popular in India. This hot app was released on 2019-10-04. It is a very popular app on India now.
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Description:Want to have fun shooting and knocking down apples? Then, Slingshot Apple Shooter is the game you must be looking for. Slingshot apple shooter is an exciting and a must have game on your phone. Using, a catapult for shooting, makes the game even more special. Use the slingshot and aim at the apples to knock it down. You can knock down the apples only by hitting the target. This is an ultimate game for the shooting lovers, who love to aim at the target. Also, they get an altogether different experience by playing this game. Become a catapult shooter or a slingshot shooter, by playing this sling shot game, which is one of the best catapult games, fruit shooting games, apple shooting games and knock down games free. Develop your catapult shooting skills, by knocking down the apples, in this apple shoot game for kids, which is one of the top catapult shooting games, knockdown games, shooting fruit games and catapult games free and aiming shooting games. Knock down all the apples and become an expert fruit shooter and a catapult king, by playing this slingshots game and cata pult game, which is one of the top knocking games, shoot games, new shooting games, shooter online games and free slingshot games. Aim the target, by using catapults and become a catapult archer or a sling shot shooter, with this catapult online game, which is one of the best catapult games, slingshot games, knocking down games and shooting free games. In this apple shooting game, you get 3 lives and this game is one of the best free shooting games for kids, new shooting games for boys, arcade shooting games, shooting offline games free and apple shooter games. When you shoot an apple, you get 10 points in this sling shot game and catapult game, which is one of the top shooter online games, new shooting games for girls and shooting online games. If you shoot a bad or cut apple, you loose one life, in this catapult new game, which is one of the best online shooting games for kids, new shooting games for kids, online shooting games and shooter offline game. Shoot the green apple to get an extra life in this knock down slingshot game and shooter new game, which is one of the top online shooting games, free shooting games for kids, good shooting games and best shooting games offline. If you shoot the parrot, then it is game over, in this slingshots game, which is one of the best shooting games online, knock down games, shooter online games, slingshots games and shooting games offline. Shoot the power apples, which are in a bunch, to score more points in this catapult game, which is one of the top shooting games free, knock down games, catapult games, free online shooting games, sling shot games and shooting games new. On missing the target, you loose a life, in this new knock down game and shoot game free, which is one of the best shooting games free, shooting offline games, fun shooting games, shooter online games, real shooting games and internet shooting games. Knock down as many apples as possible to get a good score. Beat your highest score, by shooting the fruits and knocking them down. It is time to get one of the best shooting games download, slingshot games, fruit shooter games, knock down games, best aiming games and apple shooter free games, on android for free. Key Features of slingshot Apple Shooter 1. Stunning graphics to add to the beauty of the game. 2. A very engaging game. 3. Real fun and easy to play. 4. Catapult game and knock down new game. 5. One of the best slingshot games free and apple shooting games. 6. Slingshot shooter game and fruit shoot game. This is one of the best shooting games. Download this top apple shooting app for free, to have some ultimate fun and knock down as many apples as possible. Get this catapult game download, apple shooter game download, knock down game download, apple shooting game, catapult app and slingshots game, on android.
Package:com.outthinking.appleshooter And Version : 9
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