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Details:Download and enjoy our service, 10,000+ users downloaded Ludo Board latest version on 9Apps for free every week! It has been a popular app for a long time. This hot app was released on 2017-10-10. Find out more android software you're looking for at
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Description:Ludo is board game played with family, friends & kids. Ludo Game is Download for Free! Ludo is a king of board game. Ludo game is played all ages people like kids , young and old man game. Ludo is a mind game. Ludo is one type of puzzle game. Board game Race game Dice game I kept this very experience as my goal when I designed the game for you all to cherish those childhood moments. So, get ready and travel back to old days and rule the Ludo kingdom. Ludo Game free played with :- - Play against computer AI ( Ludo Game VS android ) - Play with Friends Rules of Ludo classic game :- This is old game of childhood. king of all games - ludo king's. Each player chooses one of the 4 colours (green, yellow, red or blue) and places the 4 pieces of that colour in the corresponding starting circle. A single die is thrown to determine movement. This is most popular game in 2017 for android casual users who loves board games like dudo or snakes and ladder. With plenty of features, Ludo Game brings you a really unique gaming experience. Ludo Game Ludo Game Free, Ludo Game Ludo Ludo Game VS android (computer). Play Mode of ludo game 2017 Dice game:- 1. Play loodo with Android (AI) in new 2017 trends 2. Multiplayer Mode of ludo game a. 2 Player mode (Choose any 2 colors from red, yellow, blue and green) b. 3 players can play ludo offline multiplayer game on same device Recall your childhood memories with ludo without wasting paper and it's so easy to play. People also call this game as ludo game. If you are a fan of real life ludo board games, and love playing all games of childhood like dudo parcheesi or classic ludo on paper then you will also love this ludo game. Try parcheesi ludo board game which is easy and fun loving experience with everyone. The best ludo board game on android market. Enjoy boardgame and dont forget to share your feedback of ludo game free. Thanks. ***Localized name of the ludo game in other countries *** >> In France Le Jeu de Dada or Petits Chevaux >> Spain Parchís or Parkase >> Italy Non t'arrabbiare >> Sweden Fia med knuff >> Colombia Parqués >> Greece Griniaris >> Netherlands Mens-erger-je-niet >> China Fei Xing Qi >> Iran Pachîs >> India ludo loodo or lodo
Package:abd.bou.ludo And Version : 1.0
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