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Motu Patlu Bullet Train

Category Casual
Description:Train driving is a tidies job. It is controlled by a simulator and station control. Motu and Patlu of furfurinagar tried to drive train on a simulator. You can also try to drive train on simulator. This game has designed nearly real process of train travel operation. Junction points, jack connection etc process feels like real exposure of train lining. You need to prevent train by crashing with other train gives adventurous experience. Graphics of this game is looks like 3D. Panoramic view of game play give excitement to play more to more this game. Child and adolescent are crazy to play motu patlu train simulator. This game is absolutely free for download and play. Silent feature of motu patlu bullet train Smooth control Less memory required Looks like 3D graphics Real train driving experience Panoramic train view Free to download Easy install Best Android game Identified as fast download
Package:com.gamecausal.motupatlu.bullet.train.apps9apps And Version : 1.99
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