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Tom Cat:Mouse Adventure

Category Casual
Description:A wired elimination game, remember the mischievous mouse Jerry and the clumsy but reluctant Tom cat? Yes, they came, and they brought super delicious cookies. Oh, look! Poor Jerry is being chased by Tom. Come and help Jerry! Your task is to continue the same line of biscuits and eliminate cheer for Jerry, let him run faster, simple to use, rich sweet biscuits, gorgeous it without losing the simple and elegant picture, will let you put it down! Simple, interesting and not challenging to connect to eliminate mobile games, interested small partners to download the experience! The game features simple gameplay, easy to use, exquisite game picture, rich game design and attractive, and diversified level design, which adds spice and challenge to your game!
Package:com.yuihjkloi.MouseAndCat0919 And Version : 1.0
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