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Description:Famous competitions (From mmmmm) the original version of the program ... Gold Edition encyclopedia many advantages, including: 1. add more than five thousand question the program to turn the game into a real encyclopedia 2. The system of progressive adoption of the questions difficult to become Gold Edition version of the famous TV show of the same name (Hotspot Shield) 3. Add a new aid (the possibility of changing the question after the fifth question) 4. Add a new help other (after the arrival of the seventh question), which requested the assistance of one of your friends via social media (Facebook and Watts August ... etc.) 5. Improve the format and answer and display the correct and incorrect responses are identical to the television program 6. Introduce a very large number of beautiful sound effects and voice software provider George Qirdahi 7. possibility of normal play (listening to sounds) or Quick Play (no sound effects) by clicking on the microphone button at the top left of the game button 8. Download and fast on all mobiles and all screen sizes Easy The addendum importantly that make this version worth the golden name it (Guinness million), which is a program within the game (Hotspot Shield) from which you can be looking at the information torrential contained in the program, which includes thousands of cultural information in various fields (medical history of literature policy geographically Science astronomy ......) For example, you can write (Napoleon) conducts research in the encyclopedia to show you a lot of information about Napoleon Bonaparte is displayed in the form of a question and answer include: the place of his Adth- island exile Alleha- his second name - his first attempt to accommodate the Jews in Palestine broken nose and chin Sphinx - in any public conquered Egypt - km-long campaign against Egypt - how much the total land occupied by - any space battles led to the end of Napoleon - What was the famous title .....
Package:com.rasheedsoft.million And Version : 1.5
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