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BubbleShooter 2018 New One

Category Puzzle
Details:Get the best free apps for your android phones. 20,000+ users downloaded BubbleShooter 2018 New One latest version on 9Apps for free every week! It truly does not offer any money. This hot app was released on 2018-10-05. Come and download it now!
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Description:BubbleShooter 2018 New One is Classic casual puzzle game really fun to play in all time your activity Shooter Bubble Colors. To play this game is really simple just Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles with same color to make them fall down/crush/burst and Clear all the bubbles to win game. This game have deluxe beautifull color bubbles ready to play for you BubbleShooter 2018 New One Shoot bubble worlds/Bubble Shooter puzzle adventure is one of the most popular fun journey game pop/burst/fall down bubble object game! Another option to play game when you bored. #one of the number 1 legend Puzzle deluxe Shooter Bubble game on the world. Shoot/shooter bubble worlds is journey games. Play for free as you shoot/shooter poke deluxe beautiful bubbles with journey adventure more than 1000 level and Shoot every bubble like a witch trow a spell with their stick magic witch and make burst/fall down/crush every deluxe colorful bubble as many you can BubbleShooter 2018 New One. every deluxe poke color like blue bubble,orange bubbles,green bubble,purple bubble and other mix color poke deluxe bubble ready to burst and crush as you can. it good news for you Shooter Bubble Colors journey lovers How To Play Shooter Bubble Colors: - Shoot/poke bubble with tap your screen.. and directed at least 3 bubble to make them burst/crush - Mark your target with same color bubble - Bouncing/bounce bubble with Tap the Pole at right or left side your Phone or tablet - Clear all bubble to finish level and play another fun bubble puzzle in this game - Clear all bubble as fast you can because you have limited time to burst/crush bubble Features: - Colorful bubble with cool design GUI - Have 8 color bubble like blue,orange litght,orange,purple,green,mix color blue,mix color purple and many more - Have more than 100 level ready to play and will add more soon Tips to Play : - Bouncing/bounce bubble in this game to make clear or finish level more faster - Shoot/poke bubble with same color at least 3 bubble - Shoot bubble as fast you can like a witch will wars spell to other witch with their stick magic witch You will love the fun bubble shoot worlds and burst or crush bubble lines in this puzzle game with your hand, your creativity and excitement to shoot/poke bubble will help you to finish all lines bubble puzzle more faster and easier. Shoot bubble world wars is a wildly addictive bubble lines crush legend puzzle game! Tap on your screen to poke/shoot adjacent bubble to make them crush/destroy, and try to scoring as many points as possible! The power of magic witch wars shoot bubble is in your hands! Shoot bubble and match 3 deluxe bubble to walk through limited levels in this completely journey shoot legend bubble puzzle mania adventure and more than enough to dissaapers your bored time . So let's get started play Shoot bubble world wars mania and start you journey adventure in bubble world now! REMEMBER AGAIN !! Burst or crush bubble a group with at least 3 the same kind of delu
Package:com.bubble.bubbleshooter.vtt11 And Version : 1.0.3
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