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3D Truck Driving Simulator

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Details:Hot applications make large number of downloads. 20,000+ users downloaded 3D Truck Driving Simulator latest version on 9Apps for free every week! You will feel better when you start playing This hot app was released on 2018-07-19. If you still need more information collecting extra factors, read below.
:What seems to be the trouble is that the package is getting bigger and bigger and we have to use more and more cellular data to download. This top Simulation app is just 32.8M. It is the low cost of cellular data that make this app stand out. 9Apps also provides other hot Simulation apps(games) for android mobile phone. Visit for more free android apps and hot video.
Description:If you love truck games then "3D Truck Driving Simulator" is the best truck drive game for you. Become truck driver, hold the steering of a cargo truck and enjoy most realistic cockpit driving game. Transfer lots of cargo items from one place to the destination. Drive Euro trucks in beautiful mountain valleys and enjoy the thrill of exciting hill climbing challenge on difficult curvy tracks. Play to enjoy free truck game with most beautiful snow, rain, night and evening driving scenes. The sunset scene in evening mode is best game all over the world.. You must see it. HOW TO PLAY It is easy to play truck game. Here are some tips: 1) After opening game, hold your device horizontally. 2) Press play button. There are a number of HD trucks in option. Select the truck of your choice. 3) There are a number of levels to play. You can select any of unlocked levels. Pass levels to unlock the next. 4) In game play on left side of your device, there are camera view and steering options. You can change camera view and steering at any time during game play. 5) Steering wheel or buttons are also on left bottom. 6) On right side, there are headlight and pause buttons. At bottom there are forward & backward accelerator and brake options. TIPS FOR TRUCK HILL STATION SAFE DRIVE: To drive safely on curvy and dangerous hilly tracks, we recommend you to drive slow in first 2 levels. There are speed breakers on road. Take care of them and apply brakes when you see speed breaker. Tilt steering is the most easy to control. So choose tilt steering for learning drive on mountain hills. Feel like you are in truck driving school in first levels and then you are free for truck racing on mountains. “3D TRUCK DRIVING SIMULATOR” GAME FEATURES: - Most realistic truck physics, feel like truck real drive. - Truck with head lights for real night driving. - Multiple camera views: Third person view, cockpit/ interior camera view, top view - Lots of cargo items like 3D drums, wooden pallets, tractors, fertilizer bags and gas cylinders etc. - Multiple steering options which include: Tilt steering, left right touch buttons, steering handle. - Lots of hill trucks to drive on off-road impossible tracks. - Most beautiful mountainous green tracks with speed breaker on road. - Evening mode with heart touching sun set scenes. - Night driving with real like night effects. - Mountain 3d truck driving snow drive with most thrilling slippery roads. - Thrilling truck drive in rain. - Truck simulator game off-road with high quality HD graphics. - Free truck game, even no in-app purchases. - Addictive game play with lots of fun. And Version : 1.15
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