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Details:I wants to share an app for all of you. 10,000+ users downloaded 京东 latest version on 9Apps for free every week! It is a wonderful app that amazes every player. This hot app was released on 2017-10-17. However, has been a fashionable app for a long time.
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Description:Games download is not supported in this version, please update 9Apps to the latest version to finish download! We technically improved 9Apps and launched a new version to help you install APK with OBB file of all games in one click, which is not supported in the old version. Download the latest 9Apps version to finish your games download now! ----- more with less, only for the quality of life ----- 1. The new gift: first-time buyers can receive 188 yuan coupons 2. Jingdong spike: genuine limit seconds, stop to enjoy discounts 3. exclusive privileges: Daily variety of goods to enjoy the exclusive mobile phone price 4. authentic licensed: 100% authentic licensed, Genius 5. Lightning arrival: limit of 211, the next day, speed up the night with   ----- ----- meet the shopping needs of diverse Jingdong APP is a mobile shopping software, with product search / browse, review inspection, commodity purchase, online payment / cash on delivery, Order Tracking, logistics tracking, sun single / evaluation, repair and other functions return, you create a simple, happy life experience. 1. Madden Promotions: Pocket spike, Mobile Exclusive, ranking price, coupon, limit full cut and so on, a lot of concessions 2. Life Assistant: Jingdong supermarkets, Jingdong home, top center, filmed entertainment, hotel tickets are now available 3. Features Channel: global share, to raise public Jingdong, Jingdong auction, IOUs Mall, clearing and other second-hand, Magnifique 4. wonderful discovery: to present you the outfit, intelligence, beauty, digital and other Recommended And fashion buyers are stories   Have any comments or suggestions, you can contact us through the following ways: Micro letter: Jingdong (jdsc360) Weibo: @ Jingdong Jingdong client: my - Service / Feedback And Version : 6.5.0
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