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Description:Just download and play this game, you have the opportunity to get the prize provided by Gameloft. Specific rules of this activity can be found on the official Facebook of Gameloft (India). Let's click on the link ( participate! Open the imagination of the wings, your tropical island into a bustling metropolis! In this outstanding city management simulation game, you will be with the mayor and his eccentric wizard assistant, the city into a dream paradise. make your dream comes true • Choose your own direction: industrial giants, technical giants, cultural craftsmen. • Visit the city of friends to see the impact of different development strategies. • Unlock unique landmarks and buildings: they produce a variety of resources to keep your city from new citizens. Experience the fascinating story story • Help the eccentric mayor make an important decision to successfully achieve his goal. • Pay attention to the advice made by your advisor to complete the tricky program. Experience the lifelike city • Unique city design can cause a lot of spontaneous events that require you to deal with. • Get explosive daily news stories to complete new achievements. Become the world's only creative real estate tycoon, the best builder is none other than you! And Version : 1.0.0
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