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Impossible Archer Bow - Gibbet Archery

Category Sports
Description:Impossible Archer Bow - Gibbet Archery is Amazing Archery gaming for make new fun with cut the rope you can play this game as Archery Master. You are the Gibbet archer who shoot arrows with a bow to save innocent people that are hung on the gallows. Cut the ropes to save the victims before they die drowned. But do not fail, if you're not careful with your arrows, you are going to do more harm than good. The variety of missions and difficulty increases with levels. there is more than 40 levels and each level is exiting fun more level you will crear more fun you will get with cut the rope game save hanging people and clear all levels. there is more levels and more fun each level will increase fun and excitement you will love to play this game Features: 1.Amazing graphics and fun with the game play cut rope. 2.cut the rope with bow and arrow. can play this game as bow and arrow and as archery master. 4.use the bow and arrow to cut rope and help to hanging people. 5.perfect score manager 6.all game is free you can play this game in free there is no any app in purchase. enjoy to play this game for free and if you really like our work then please rate Impossible Archer Bow - Gibbet Archery!
Package:com.tianxuhuif.archery0419.app91 And Version : 1.0
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