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Application Lock

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Details:Welcome to the official store for application World. 20,000+ users downloaded Application Lock latest version on 9Apps for free every week! A lot of functions and features are contained in this app. This hot app was released on 2019-04-10. Download in official websites like 9apps and you'll never miss it!
:Believe it or not!! This top Tools app is just 3.9M. Developed and being maintained by a professional team, this app provides you the best user experience. 9Apps also provides other hot Tools apps(games) for android mobile phone. Trusted by millions, 9Apps is your perfect choice for android devices.
Description:App Lock is the best app for protecting your applications from being accessed without your consent. App Lock supports three types of locks: ✔ Fingerprint: Use your fingerprint unlock apps (only available in devices that support fingerprint scanner) ✔ Pattern: unlock your app with your pattern ✔ PIN code: use PIN code to unlock apps And Version : 4.711
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